When it comes to a great breakfast Amarillo has some great spots to enjoy a delicious breakfast.  We have wonderful locally owned breakfast joints and of course the breakfast chains.  However, Amarillo is about to get another great restaurant that serves up some amazing breakfast fare (oh and lunch also, but we're stuck on breakfast). 

Jimmy's Eggs started off as a small restaurant in Oklahoma City.  Over 35 years later, that great reputation has spread and they have opened other Jimmy's Eggs all over and now they are coming to Amarillo.

Jimmy's Egg will be located in Wolflin Village.

Photo Courtesy: Broc Carter
Photo Courtesy: Broc Carter

It's a will be a great place to get a great breakfast or lunch.  I haven't had the pleasure of eating at a Jimmy's Egg and cannot wait.  Just look at some of the amazing food they serve.




This makes me very hungry.  I know I can't wait for Jimmy's Egg.  It looks like the new restaurant should be open by the end of May.  We'll definitely let you know the plans for their Grand Opening.

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