It's been a few months since the alley behind my house became a war zone. It frustrated me that for whatever reason everyone was dumping their stuff behind my fence.

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My big concern is if you bring the stuff out to your curb and call the city they will have it picked up really pretty fast. I saw that play out when a neighbor down the street moved out. They did just that. Put all their stuff out front and the stuff was gone in a couple days. That is the way this is supposed to happen. Then there are THESE alley dumpers.

So back in June I called the City to get all the trash accumulating picked up. They did let me know that it would be on their list but will be a bit before they could. Then not long after that the house behind me on Travis got ran down. Read about it HERE. So more stuff piled up. I know that delayed the pickup. I understood that but boy was it an eyesore.

It started off with just some branches and a mattress. When I got back from Vegas last week there were 3 or 4 mattresses, chairs, parts of couches, it just kept piling up. I had it on my list to call them again.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Over the weekend I went out to take my trash when I saw this beautiful sight. All the stuff was gone. I was so excited I had to take a picture. So thank you to The City of Amarillo for helping to keep Amarillo clean.

There was so much trash piled up that it left the ground bare from grass or even weeds. It was crazy.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Again people if you have stuff to trash please do the right thing and dispose of it properly. Your neighbors really will thank you. I promise.