Amarillo ISD is teaming up with Snack Pack 4 Kids here in the Amarillo area to ensure that students get fed this weekend. For some kids going to school is more than just getting a great education, It also is a meal that they may not have at home as 1 in 9 Americans have issues with food insecurity and those numbers go up with those who are in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups.

The district is offering a one time meal on Friday morning from 9:30 to 10:30am across the city at 10 AISD locations including:

  • Eastridge Elementary, 1314 Evergreen St.
  • Emerson Elementary, 600 N Cleveland St.
  • Humphrey’s Highland Elementary, 3901 SE 15th Ave.
  • Ridgecrest Elementary, 5306 SW 37th Ave.
  • Rogers Elementary, 920 N Mirror St.
  • San Jacinto Elementary, 3400 W 4th Ave.
  • South Lawn Elementary, 4719 Bowie St.
  • Wills Elementary, 3500 SW 11th Ave.
  • Austin Middle School, 1808 Wimberly Rd
  • Caprock High School, 3001 SE 34th Ave

The format is grab and go and available to all students 18 and under no matter if they are in a food program or not Social Distancing guidelines will be in place and folks are asked to stay in cars.

Snack Packs will also be made available at all AISD Campuses Friday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 as well.

Matt Buck who happens to head up AISD Child nutrition was quoted

“It is extremely important that we, as a District and community, support each other," said Buck. "The past few days have caused hardships due to weather and power outages, on top of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic. Our students haven’t been in class since last Thursday, meaning that many of them may not have had access to meals. Due to the Seamless Summer Option that we are currently feeding under this school year, and approval from Texas Department of Agriculture, we have the ability to provide additional meal resources such as this during these trying times.”

Get all the details here on the AISD Website

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