We have so many buildings around Amarillo, and let's be honest, they're boring to look at.

The city is lacking color, vibrance, and just an overall happy feeling, right?

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Enter Blank Spaces. This local mural group and art gallery is here to save your boring, brown building and turn it into something people can't stop talking about.

Blank Spaces is a non-profit organization that popped up and they're doing great things all around town. Their primary goal is to provide the youth of Amarillo with greater access to cultural arts, something that can be lacking in schools as they continue to cut programs from our public schools.

The arts has a tendency to be one of those programs that consistently finds itself on the cut list.

Blank Spaces brings in interns, usually students, who will work alongside professional artists to create these incredible murals that are brightening up our city in ways we couldn't imagine. Large-scale murals are a huge part of the initiative, but these interns also get the opportunity to showcase some smaller works at the Blank Spaces art gallery every three months.

What these interns and artists have done so far is nothing short of amazing, and we've snapped a few pictures of their work around Amarillo. Take a look at some of the project they've completed below! If you'd like more info on Blank Spaces, you can check out their Facebook page HERE.

Beautiful Murals by Blank Spaces Found Around Amarillo

The student-led art group, Blank Spaces, is paving the way. The WTAMU group has worked tirelessly to create a number of stunning murals for several places in the Amarillo area. Check them out!

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