Murals, music, fun, and more, the HOODOO Mural Festival has become a staple in Amarillo art and events.

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This year's HOODOO Mural Festival will be on Saturday, September 30, in Downtown Amarillo.

Once again local and national artists will come together to bring amazing art and beautiful thought-provoking murals to downtown Amarillo.  To celebrate the artists and all their hard work,  we celebrate with a festival.  It's a family-friendly celebration.

Tickets are on sale now and may be purchased at

This year expect 5 new large-scale murals going up downtown on local business walls.  There will also be 5 contemporary murals and 10 community murals.

Muralists this year include

  • Trav & Emjay - the fine art of grafitti
  • Alli Koch - known for large-scale floral murals
  • Jeremy Biggers - an award-winning artist
  • Jeks
  • Ariel Parrow
  • Jon Revett
  • Malcolm Byers - 2022 mural 316 6th St, 2019 616 S. Harrison
  • Dan Black
  • Blank Spaces Murals- 2022 Mural 612 S. Polk
  • Carlos Barboza
  • Britt Johnson
  • Feebee
  • Matt Tumlinson
“We are thrilled to bring such a unique, community-based event to Amarillo. This year’s event showcases a lineup of extremely talented musicians and artists for one day of celebration in Downtown Amarillo. We hope this event serves as an opportunity to inspire students, locals, and travelers to explore Amarillo’s art culture and all that our great city has to offer,” said Andrew Hall, Founder of the HOODOO Art Foundation.

Mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate the HooDoo Mural Festival.  Not only is it an all-ages event, but it will include food trucks, local vendors, children's activities, a silent disco, and live music.  Speaking of live music,

Here are the performers for the HooDoo Mural Festival:

  • LP Giobbi - Headliner
  • Kaelin Ellis
  • Giacomo Turra
  • Cody Jasper
  • DJ Cassandra
  • Chill Son
  • Dude-Man
  • DJ Roro
  • Eddie Esler
  • Ebbie Rachelle
  • Tia Marie
  • Jake Vernon
  • Bomb City Sound
  • DJ Frenzy
  • DJ Gemini
  • DJ Lowp
  • MixMasterMark
  • Pink Rhinos
  • Rupert The Duke
  • Sleepyboi

The festival has grown so much since the first festival hit in Amarillo in 2019, now the festival has two different stages.  One specifically for local musicians.

"In my 10 years of talent buying, I'm most excited about HOODOO this year. It showcases talent from all over the world with a wide range of music genres. We've also added a local stage to showcase the ever-growing Amarillo music scene," <strong>said Will Krause, Producer of HOODOO Mural Festival.</strong>

Another year of the HOODOO Mural Festival means that Amarillo will continue to have some amazing art in downtown.  Driving down the streets of downtown Amarillo is way cooler since the HOODOO Mural festival helped create the citywide urban beautification collaboration.

Don't miss getting your hands on HOODOO Mural Festival early bird tickets.  They only have a limited amount, get them early for $30 or VIP tickets for $100.


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