There is nothing better than relaxing after a long day's work with a nice glass of wine.  Wouldn't it be better if you made the wine yourself?  Well, now you can.

I love it when local companies do unique things to get you out of the house.  Well, Amarillo Brewing Supply is offering wine making classes.  This will be fun for you or you and your friends.

The class will last for six weeks.  You will get to pick a kit and brew it in class.  The class will teach you all the steps of the wine making process which includes fruit processing, fermentation, and all the chemicals used.

The class will also give you a brief history of wine making and the different types of grapes used for different wines.  After the course finishes, the class will enjoy a wine tasting from the Brewing Supply's wine cellar.

All of the wine made during the class will be divided up between the class members.

Two different classes will be offered.  A Tuesday and Saturday class.  Tuesday's class begins May 31st at 6pm and the Saturday Class will begin June 4th at 4pm.

Spots are limited so hurry and reserve your spot.  Go here for more information.