Usually when you hear about a large donation going to a school, it's one of the big campuses. This time around however, the small schools come out on top.

Amarillo College has just received a $15 million donation from the third richest woman in America...and you may know who she is.

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MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has been on a donation spree and Amarillo is one of the lucky cities to see a piece of the incredible gifts she has been handing out.

While her ex has been busy planning trips to space, Scott recently handed out $2.74 billion to 286 different organizations. Amarillo College was one of the ones on the list. This is nothing new for the novelist, as she has traditionally doled out millions to community colleges and HBCU's across the country.

It's so nice to see someone giving back to the world so generously. There's always so much talk and conversation about how important education is, only to see programs getting cut due to lack of funding and ability to keep them going. Teachers are severely underpaid, arts and sports programs are continuously ended and the quantity of good teachers is growing thinner and thinner.

What $15 million could mean to a small school like Amarillo College goes beyond saying. A recent recipient of the Aspen Institute Rising Star award, Amarillo College was already on the upswing. Now loaded with $15 million, the college can continue to improve it's programs and become one of the top community colleges in the country.

So thank you MacKenzie Scott. I speak on behalf of everyone here in Amarillo when we say THANK YOU for doing good things. I'm sure the Amarillo College will do great things with your donation.

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