These are the moments when I shake my head and think, "what is wrong with people."

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I ran across a story recently about a stolen bicycle.  I know we hear about stolen bicycles all the time, but this time, it just really irritated me to the core.

This particular bicycle belonged to a 99-year-old grandmother.

First of all, this woman is 99-years-old.  99!  I find this amazing that she is that age and still riding her bicycle.   What an amazing accomplishment!  For one, I can only hope to live to 99, but to live to 99 and still be this active, is truly inspirational.

Photo Courtesy: Jolina Cordova
Photo Courtesy: Jolina Cordova

Now let's talk about his bicycle.  She kept her bicycle chained to her front porch.  It was chained.  So this wasn't a grab-and-go kind of burglary.  This must have been calculated because a chain had to be cut in order to grab the bike and run.   This bike was chained to the front porch, of an apartment in a retirement community.  I find it truly hard to believe that any of her neighbors were the culprit, so I can only assume that some jerks are targeting seniors.

The bike was stolen from the Northwest Village Apartments off I-40 and Bell.

Let's go over this again, if it's not yours leave it alone.  You didn't pay for it, you didn't work for it, so it is NOT YOURS.   If for some strange reason you think you are entitled to have this bike, YOU'RE NOT.  If for some reason, you are addicted to drugs and you need to steal and pawn to feed your habit, GET SOME HELP.  Grandmothers that are 99-years-old, deserve better than this and deserve respect.

If you happen to know the whereabouts of this bike, speak up, and let's get this bike back to this active grandmother so she can continue to ride.  If we can't help find the bike, maybe we as a community can come together to help her get another bike, and let her know the world is full of good people.

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