Amarillo has some very unique landmarks, from Cadillac Ranch to the Giant Legs.  Now Amarillo may lay claim to something we've seen a hundred times, but never gave it a second thought.

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What am I talking about you might ask?  I'm talking about the huge flag pole located behind the Summit Shopping Center at 34th and Bell.  This flagpole is huge.  I know we don't have the tallest flagpole in the World, but what about the fattest?

Have you ever driven behind the Summit Shopping Center?  Maybe to have a meal at Fireslice?  You would have come up on this monstrosity of a flag pole.  It is fat.  It's circumference is huge.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It flies the American Flag.

According to a former TJMaxx Employee on Reddit:

 I worked at TJ Maxx when it went up. It was supposed to be a giant sign for the shopping center, but for some reason (likely a city ordinance on giant signs) they were unable to complete the construction. So now it's just a fat flag pole with a comically small flag on it.

From potential sign to flag pole, now a cell phone tower/flag pole hybrid.

So is it the world's fattest flag pole?  Probably not.  Rumor has it, it's the 3rd fattest flagpole in the world.

(Editor's note: or the 4th fattest flagpole, according to some)

Let's face it, that's a cool thing to have in Amarillo.  Hey we have Cadillac Ranch, some random Giant Legs, Palo Duro Canyon is just around the corner, and oh by the way we have the 3rd fattest flag pole in the world.

Amarillo is pretty awesome!

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