Wedding season is coming up and if you're wondering where you should get married, well good news.  Amarillo.  Amarillo is where you should get married.

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You might be wanting a mountain wedding, a beach wedding, or running off to Vegas.  Let's stop right there, and think about the beautiful wedding you could have in Amarillo.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Yes, the Yellow City is the perfect place to have your wedding.  Our city has many beautiful wedding venues available to say your "I Dos".  Not to mention, you could even get married with Palo Duro Canyon as your backdrop.  Where else can you find that close to home?

Palo Duro Sunrise
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We have a great selection of bakeries in Amarillo, and those really great bakers can create the most beautiful cake you have ever seen.  It'll be the perfect cake or multiple cakes just for you and your sweetheart.

Naked wedding flower cake

Plus, Amarillo has many top-notch DJs to spin those tunes at the reception.

It may seem as if this is a post to convince you to get married in Amarillo.  Maybe it is, but did you know that Amarillo was listed in the Top 50 places to get married in the U.S.?

That is in the entire UNITED STATES!   

Wallet Hub conducted a study to find the best places in the country to get married and our little city ranked at #31.  The cost to hold a wedding in Amarillo ranked #13 overall.

The best place to get married in the United States is Orlando, Florida, and wrapping up the list was Pearl City, Hawaii.


Just remember that if you are getting ready to plan your big wedding, forget about the destination wedding and stay right here in Amarillo.

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