If you're looking for work, and have a knack for teaching, Amarillo ISD is in need of substitute teachers.

The application process is fairly simple and straightforward according to the Amarillo ISD website.

Credit: Bonham Middle School
Credit: Bonham Middle School

To get to the substitute teaching page, you will need to click on the "employment" tab, then select "prospective employees" and "substitute teaching."

According to the website, you will need to meet these requirements in order to be considered for filling the position of a substitute:

A. Completed application.

B. Uploaded official transcript(s) showing a minimum total of 45 semester hours and any degree conferred.

C. Uploaded copy of any teaching certificate the applicant holds.

According to their website, there is an interview process and orientation to go through before you actually become a substitute.

The site also explains the rate of pay for substitutes along with when you will be getting paid if you become a substitute.

For more information, visit the Amarillo ISD website and click on the employment tab.

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