It's been hard to find good quality employees as of late. Businesses need help. People need jobs. You think all of that would just work itself out. Seems like it just doesn't.

Sometimes our businesses have taken to offering incentives to go to work. Whatever it takes. Sometimes the business gets applicants. Then it turns out that they don't show up to the interview. What is going on?

Green Chile Willy's decided to take matters into their own hands. Let's go out and use humor to attract that they are looking for help. Humor works for so much. Hopefully, it will help them find a good cashier.

I mean that is the job posting they are currently seeking. They are only asking for two things in return. Please have a car. Or a reliable way to get to work. I get that. Oh and apparently they need their employees to have an alarm clock.

I am not sure if all you youngsters out there realize that our phones have so much that they can do to make your life easier. Did you know they have a camera? How about a calculator? Oh, and they can actually be used as a phone. Really. They can. Oh, and they also have this great feature that can wake you up.

We of an older generation call that an alarm clock. We used to have to go to the store and buy one separately for our nightstand. The horror. So Green Chile Willy's wants you to actually use it:

credit: Green Chile Willy's
credit: Green Chile Willy's

Oh and even though this is a serious job opening, the responses have been entertaining for sure:

I gotz me a car but ain’t gotz no clock! Ken I still apple eye??? - Jim

Honestly it’s an evening position so I might waive the alarm requirement - Green Chile Willy's

As one poster, Bethany, so readily put that the problem is not teaching it is actually finding the teachable. That is pretty much hitting the nail on the head. I hope that Green Chile Willy's finds some great employees.

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