If you grew up in Amarillo, Texas, or the Texas Panhandle, you probably grew up on this iconic hot sauce.

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Tascosa Hot Sauce has been a staple in households since 1957.   It began as a small tortilla factory in Amarillo in 1957 and has grown into a company that makes some of the best hot sauce.   The original salsa recipe has been the same for over 65 years.  Tascosa Hot Sauce is now sold in 26 states and internationally so others all over the country and worldwide get to experience the hot sauce we all grew up on.

This hometown hot sauce is DELICIOUS!

As mentioned above the original recipe has been around for over 65 years, but developed mild and extra hot recipes in the 90s.

However, customers have noticed a change in taste in the beloved hot sauce.

Did they change the recipe after 65 years?

The answer is no.  According to a recent Facebook post:

Dear beloved customers, we have changed the tomatoes in our salsa. (Due to the price increase of the tomatoes that we were using) We did not change the recipe. We understand that the tomatoes make a difference, some like it more, some like it less. This is part of business in these ever so changing and hard times that we live in. We ask though, if you haven’t left a positive review in the last 10 years….please don’t leave a negative one now. We live in a time that wants to complain, gripe and be negative. However, we are all doing our best to adjust to the new and expensive way of things and the ever so changing world that we live in. We apologize if you don’t like the new tomatoes, but there are a lot of people that do. We are so thankful for our lifelong customers and our new customers in this world that is ever so crazy. We ask that everyone be polite and respectful in the midst of the changes that have been made. We love and appreciate you all!

Every single person in this country is experiencing an inflation crush.  Nearly every single product in this country has gone up.   Tascosa decided to switch to different tomatoes to save cost.

Think about it

If they continued paying the huge costs for the tomatoes that they have been using, the cost would eventually pass on to the customer and no one wants to pay $10 for a jar of hot sauce.  Most than likely the customers no matter how much they love the hot sauce would change to a cheaper product.  So they chose to switch to a more affordable tomato to keep the prices their customers pay lower.

Oh and on another note about Tascosa Hot Sauce:

Dear Tascosa Hot Sauce we still love you, can you please bring your chips back?

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