So this seems pretty cool. Not everybody has the internet in their home. Maybe you just don't have dependable internet. Maybe you need to travel and have access to getting online.

There are so many reasons that this seems pretty cool. You can now go to any Amarillo Public Library and check out a hotspot like you do a book. Yes, how cool is that. You can have internet wherever you need it.

How beneficial could that be? Maybe you are looking for a job. You need to have access to many websites to make that possible. So having a hotspot will make that a heck of a lot easier. According to the Amarillo Public Library:

Funding for the hotspots came from the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) program passed by Congress as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021, which enabled libraries to purchase connected devices and broadband internet connections for offsite use by library patrons who otherwise might not have internet access. APL’s devices were secured through an application filed by the Harrington Library Consortium on behalf of interested member libraries.

Hotspots are available at all five Amarillo Public Libraries. You will, of course, have to be responsible for the hotspot. There will be a signed agreement needed on file. You will need to acknowledge for returning the device. Oh, and make sure it is in good condition. You have to do as mom taught you, you need to take care of the stuff you borrow.

Hotspots can be checked out for the standard two-week period. So you will get to have it for a bit. If there is not someone waiting to use it next you can renew the rental period.

There, of course, are other rules. You can not drop it off in the book return. You try to do that and they will charge you a $25 fee. Why is that? A library staff member has to check and make sure you returned everything and in good working order.

Other than that you can have dependable internet at your home. It is all courtesy of the Amarillo Public LIbraries.

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