Back in May the Amarillo Police Department received a call that a truck and trailer were stolen from a parking log of a local motel. 

Teenage boy (16-17) being arrested
Doug Menuez

This truck and trailer belonged to an active military service member traveling with his family from California to Massachusetts to report for his new duty.

His truck was a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 and a 5x8 box trailer was attached when it was stolen.  The trailer contained the family's belongings and military awards.

The APD were able to recover the truck and trailer.  APD arrested an individual for firing shots outside of Taste Dessert Bar on May 11th and the suspect had left an 9MM handgun.  The gun was found to be a gun stolen from the Dodge pickup.  Police were then able to track down the stolen truck but at the time not the trailer.   They were able to recover some of the stolen items.    Then on May 19th police found the trailer in rural Randall County.

Austin Drake Day was arrested and charged with theft over $30,000 and under $150,000 on July 27th.  He remains in custody in the Potter County Detention Center.

The items were returned to the owner.

So great job APD on finding the truck, trailer and items belonging to this serviceman serving our country.


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