Say what you want about Amarillo.  It is a good place to live.  Yes, it has its faults, but it's still a really great city.

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It's so great that for the 2nd year in a row, Amarillo is in the Top 100 cities to raise a family.

WalletHub put out its annual study of the best cities in the United States to raise a family.  This is an important study because we as parents do take into consideration if we are in the right place to raise our kids.

This year Amarillo ranked 78 in the study, jumping up one spot from last year, where we were at 79.  So it looks like Amarillo is improving.   Which is a great thing.

How did WalletHub determine what cities were the best place to raise a family?

[They] compared more than 180 U.S. cities based on 46 key metrics that consider essential family dynamics, such as the cost of housing, the quality of local school and health-care systems, and the opportunities for fun and recreation. While obviously not perfect — given personal preferences and the limitations of publicly available data — our findings will hopefully give movers a sense of their options.

Source: WalletHub

Amarillo also beat out most cities in Texas as being one of the best cities to raise a family.

According to this study, Freemont, California is the best city in the United States to raise a family.   Detriot, Michigan is the worst of those cities included.

I guess you can say we picked a good city to raise our families.  Yes, there is always room for improvement, but we do live in a really good city and an amazing state.

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