THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I'll be honest... I'm geeking out so hard about this. Our mighty fighting Soddies have made it.

The new MLB game by Sony Entertainment and San Diego Studio called "The Show 19" was released on March 26th, 2019. Of course, you can play as all the major league teams but there is a minor league option and I'll be darned... our Sod Poodles made the list!

Yep, you can play Americans favorite past time as the Amarillo Soddies. Check out how awesome these graphics are! It'll make you feel like you're in Hodge Town.

They spared no detail. Every player gets their moment on the digital roster. Well, except one, the only Soddie that didn't get their day in the sun is poor Ruckus. However, something tells me he will live. Haha

Cassidyy TSM
Cassidyy TSM

The game is available for PS4 and XBox. Most Amarillo Redbox's are carrying the game if you want to rent or you can download on your console's store.

You can catch every Sod Poodles game LIVE on News Talk 940.

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