It's funny how time just kinda creeps up on you. If you happen to have littles then you know that back to school is right around the corner. Let's face it school supplies aren't cheap. It seems like the supply list gets bigger every year. and it's not just pencils and notebooks, but hand sanitizer, headphones, kleenex and other interesting things that make the list. Honestly it's not the teacher trying to rob you blind, it the fact that schools may not supply these items.

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These costs add up fast and when you have multiple students you're buying for any discount you can get is totally worth it! The State of Texas is bringing back the Sales Tax holiday the weekend of the 6th in August.

The Discount Adds Up

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So just how much do you save? well, basically the tax rate here in Amarillo is 8.25% so for every 100 bucks you spend you save $8.25. yeah, it's not exactly blowing up the world but hey again, take what you get.

So What's Eligible?

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The list is always growing but let's look at the basics, as far as school supplies go you should have no issues with binders, book bags, crayons, markets, lunch boxes, glue, folders, notebooks, paper, pencil pens and most other supplies. most basic clothing items under 100 bucks also qualify like shirts and jeans but things over that price individually are a no go. items used for sports like cleats, pads don't get the exemption either but tennis shoes, and other items that can be worn outside of athletics are in.

forget the accessories like jewelry, handbags, wallets and watches, those don't get a break either. Masks however are all in. You can find a complete list from the Texas Comptrollers office here.

Now if you aren't in the market for supplies, Maybe that's the week you hold off. or be patient because the crowds are gonna be huge.

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