If you have small children then you know how dirty their car seat gets.

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What if you had an easy way to get that car seat cleaned to get it back to almost new?  Not only can you get your child's car seat cleaned, but you and the kids can also have some fun.

It's a Back to School Bash!

Coming up on Saturday, August 19th.  Amarillo Steam Team is teaming up with Pondaseta Brewing for their Back to School Bash.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

The event will be from 1-5 pm at Pondaseta Brewing Co., 7500 SW 45th

They will be serving up $5 Kid's burgers and mini corn dogs.  Plus, Purple Flamingo Popsicles will be on-site selling their delicious treats.  The first 30 guests that buy a Fast and Hazy will get a Pineapple Mango Pop.

Not to mention, there will be a bounce house on site for the kids to bounce their energy out.  The cost of the bounce house is a donation of school supplies, children's socks, or underwear.  These will be donated to local children in need.

Plus, while you are there, get your kid's car seat cleaned for free!

Keep in mind, that studies have found that there are more germs and bacteria on a car seat than on a toilet, so it is imperative to clean your child's car seat and area regularly.

My husband and I have two small children and know parents need all the help they can get during this time of year, so we just wanted to do something to give back. - Lauren Shaw, Amarillo Steam Team

Do you really want your child riding in something that is dirtier than a toilet seat.  That answer is probably no.  So make sure while you and your kids are enjoying some fun during the Back to School Bash at Pondaseta Brewing, you take advantage of the free car seat cleaning from Amarillo Steam Team!

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