Traveling east on 10th Avenue in Amarillo, you’ll come upon an underpass and see a bright colorful south wall mural depicting historical Amarillo sights. Including Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Llano Cemetery, Sanborn Elementary, Power Church, Amarillo Wesley Community Center, and El Alamo Park sign.

Heading west, you see the north mural wall, which portrays various Center City sites, such as the Santa Fe Depot, the Potter County Courthouse, the Paramount Building, Hodgetown Stadium, and an old-time cattle drive.

In a press release David Rosas, The Vice President of The Barrio Neighborhood Committee stated “This mural is a great history of the Barrio and the neighborhood he grew up in.”

The mural depicts Mexican traditions of Fiesta, dancing and mariachis all a vibrant piece of the Barrio District.

It’s part of a joint effort between the City of Amarillo and the Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee to beautify the Barrio neighborhood.

The Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee will be holding a press conference on site Monday, Aug. 5 at 6 p.m.



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