Amarillo is a growing city and it would be great to add more attractions to the our great city.  The latest talk is that Amarillo is getting a Great Wolf Lodge.

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Can you imagine if we were to get a Great Wolf Lodge in Amarillo? That would be amazing.   Can you imagine the tourism money that this would bring into the city?  This would be great.

What is the Great Wolf Lodge? The Great Wolf Lodge is a resort that has an indoor water park.  It also has many other attractions, dining and shopping.  The resort also includes fun themed suites in which patrons can stay. The closest Great Wolf Lodge is in Grapevine, Texas and the only one in Texas.

Photo Credit: Great Wolf Lodge
Photo Credit: Great Wolf Lodge

I think this would be a great addition to Amarillo.  We haven't had a water park in Amarillo since Splash closed.  If this is true, not only would we have a water park, but it would be indoors and year round.  That's a win/win for sure.

I tend to keep an eye on the things going on in Amarillo and the talk that goes on social media.  The latest that came across in many of the Amarillo Facebook pages is that The Great Wolf Lodge purchased Westgate Mall.  This seems a little far fetched so I decided to go to the source and see if this rumor is true.

I reached out to Jason Lasecki, Director of Media Communications for the Great Wolf Lodge, and asked him if The Great Wolf Lodge has purchased Westgate Mall to which he replied,

I can confirm, there is no validity to this rumor.

There you have it, The Great Wolf Lodge did not purchase Westgate Mall.  However, it was a fun rumor.  True, it might have gotten our hopes up, but  in the end, we aren't getting a Great Wolf Lodge. We'll just add this to the rumors that Buc-cees and HEB are coming to Amarillo.

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