December was a tough month for me. Let me just tell you that when I want a fast food burger I tend to go to Burger King.

The Burger King on Georgia is my go to place. It’s closest to my house and also an easy on/off as I leave one job to go to the other.

I love my Whopper with NO mayo. I had one in between live broadcasts back in November. I left CB Boutique to go to Pinnacle Intermediate School. I had a few minutes to grab dinner so I ran to my go-to Burger King.

Then just a couple days later it was closed! No warning. No nothing. What happened?

Well if you are part of Amarillo Texas Restaurant Review on Facebook well you know how they can be. There are a lot of negative people on there that said the Health Department shut them down.

Well in all honesty they did. But on that site they were saying all kinds of fake news. Yes, they were shut down but because of a fire in their kitchen.

I know I have had many days I drove by and wanted a Whopper....I was on my way on I-40 East so already past the Western I just suffered.

Saturday night as I was heading home I noticed this glorious sign!

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

They are open! Hallelujah! I now have my favorite go to fast food burger back! Oh how I have missed you. They have been closed for about a month and a half and the staff member I talked to was just as excited as I was!

So as I left my live broadcast at Market Street yesterday I had to stop and get my usual!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The best part is they threw in an onion ring or two in my fries! I love when they do that! Yay! Burger King! Happy to have you back!