Ladies, you might be doing these things and not even know it.

With Valentines Day a few days away I thought it would be a good idea to let you know what not to do. This is to help you have the best Valentines Day Ever.

Before you get upset with this blog do not worry. You can see a list of things that boyfriends do that gets on your nerves too by clicking here.

Ok, so here we go. Ladies get a pad and pen ready. Write these down and check off the ones you do. Be honest. You know you do a lot of these. These are points brought up by a group of guys who say their girlfriends drive them nuts when they do these things.

1. Talking about relationships with others. Sometimes a minor disagreement can be discussed between you and your boyfriend and you both will see that it is not a big deal. However, if you are talking to someone else. Say a friend who just doesn't like him or might want to even be with him. They are going to say anything to break you up. This definitely true if you are talking to another dude that wants to be with you. This drives us guys crazy. Just talk to us.

2. When you keep talking when he playing. Ok, here is the deal. We can relax and get the adrenalin rush we need when we are playing our favorite X-Box or PlayStation game. When we are in this zone. We really don't want to talk about anything going on in the real world. Just give us some time to unwind and we will back to giving you our 100% attention.

3. When you leave him "hanging". Guys like to cuddle too. They are full of it if they say otherwise. However, you can not let cuddling to far without a payoff. If you get a dude worked up and leave. Well, he becomes real crabby. This could result in him not wanting to talk to you for a little bit of time.

4. Men hate it when they can't have their space. Ladies, do you get bored being by yourself too long? It's ok if you say yes. But guys, we love our space. We are not up to anything. It's when we get stuff done that we need to get done. Things like fixing the car or just finishing that last level on our favorite game. Sometimes we just need quiet time. Which leads us to number 5.

5. Men love a bit of quiet time.  We like things to be quiet. We are not thinking about anything or mad. It's just we need these moments to recharge. That's why we like to go out fishing or spend time in our "man caves". It's just our little spot to enjoy the silence.

6.When you flirt with others and not him. Ok, if you are flirty with other guys. A secure guy likes that. He loves the feeling that other dudes look at him with envy. But, if you are touchy feely with other dudes and snub your boyfriend. That's a no go!

7. When you ask "Do I look fat?" This is a ridiculous question. Of course not! We would never say anything that would hurt your feelings. But if you do start working out and lose a few pounds and he says "Wow, babe you lost some weight". Then yeah, maybe he did think you were a little think. But he loved you no matter what size you were.

Do you do any of these? Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comment section below.


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