Being single isn't always fun, but hey you make your own rules, set your own schedule and you only have to worry about yourself.  On the other hand, it gets lonely and having a partner would be nice.  The good news is your live in Texas, which means you are in luck.

Texas is #4 for the best state in the country for singles.

If you are single and in Texas you have a better chance at finding love.  See there's a light at the end of the love tunnel.

To determine the best states for singles, the study research 4 main criteria.  The dating economics, dating opportunities and of course romance and fun.

When it came to the dating economics they looked at several factors, Average Beer & Wine Price, Movie Cost, Beauty-Salon Costs,Median Annual Household Income, and more, but you kind of get the picture.

Texas rank for dating economics was #19

To determine the dating opportunities, the factors considered were, Share of Single Adults,Gender Balance of Singles, Online-Dating Opportunities, Mobile-Dating Opportunities. Online-Dating Participation and Openness to Relationships.

Texas rand for Dating Opportunities: #6

Finally, the romance and fun, the factors included, Restaurants per Capita, Number of Attractions, Fitness & Recreational Facilities per Capita, Movie Theaters per Capita, Music Festivals per Capita, Nightlife Options per Capita, Crime Rate and Online Dating Safety.

Texas rank for Romance and Fun was #5

California top the list as the best state for singles.   Coming in the last spot on the study was Arkansas.

Source: WalletHub

If you are single, you are in a great state to find the love of your life. So there is still hope, you won't be alone forever.

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