A friend of the family soon became their biggest nightmare.


In a trailer park community in North Fort Wayne, Indiana a babysitter has confessed to beating Aliahna, a 9 year old girl to death with a brick then dismembering her body. The babysitter who was a friend of the family was watching over the neighbors 3 kids this past Thursday while the mom was at home sick with the flu.

The killer told a local newspaper that Aliahna vanished Friday morning while he was asleep. She was not reported missing until that night. The killer said Aliahna's younger sister told him her mother had picked her up but noticed later on that day that it was not true. The next day on Saturday over 100 emergency workers were looking for the missing 9 year old.

After police interviewed the killer for several hours they took him in, thats when he confessed that he murdered Aliahna. He told police that he beat her to death with a brick then cut off her head, hands and feet and put them in a plastic bag in his freezer. He threw the rest of her remains nearby. The killer was a friend of the family who had been taking care of their grandfather before he passed away.

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