Bed, Bath and Beyond is one of those stores that you can spend hours.  You never know what you can find hiding in every nook and cranny.  They have everything for your home that you can imagine.  Unfortunately they are closing more of their stores and it's possible we might be saying goodbye to another retail outlet here in Amarillo.

Bed, Bath and Beyond is the perfect place to go if you need anything for your home.  Pillows, towels, bedding, kitchen accessories, candles, As Seen on TV stuff and bath accessories.  There is a plethora of amazing items.   It is also a place you can go for your Wedding Registry.  It has everything you could possibly want for a new life and home with your partner.

This is why I am sad to say that Bed, Bath and Beyond is in the process of closing down more stores.  According to an article in USA Today, they will be closing 37 more of their stores in 19 states.   These closings are expected to take place by the end of February.

What does this mean for Amarillo?  We don't know exactly, but if we were on the list of those 37 stores, we would be seeing liquidation sales, and store closing signs on the store.  Has anyone seen these yet?  I'm pretty sure our store is safe, but you never know.

Let's hope as we move forward in 2022 we'll see more businesses start to flourish and recover from the last two years in this COVID circus instead of closing down.

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