Ok, Let's get to the point here, garbage is just an every day occurrence here in the bomb city. Occasionally we have a little drama with our dumpsters with guys jumping out and that makes for fun conversation. What isn't fun are the folks who decide that it's perfectly okay to stash their trash in spots it doesn't belong. The city of Amarillo is about to make life harder for those folks who wish do just that.

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The city of Amarillo just made an announcement that they have acquired a few more cameras to monitor illegal dumping hotspots which should help them target areas that have known issues but honestly that's just a drop in the bucket when it comes to fixing the problem. What they don't do is advertise their bulk collection program. By the way you can always reach out to them at  (806) 378-6813. They'll take most items except concrete and construction debris.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM
Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Judging by the alley next to my place, it is very over due for this phone call, which I'll be making in the morning. according to city stats they have responded to over 6,600 calls alone for this already so far this year.

Michael J. Rivera/TSM

Honestly, These dumpsters are part of the problem too. Dumpsters pretty much say "Throw whatever in me and what doesn't fit goes to the side." This is all fine, except the trucks don't pick up what's on the side.

Trash Bin Ready for Pickup

Would it be too much to ask for bins instead? and while we're at it... recycling? Amarillo has to be one of the largest cities in Texas without this. Even Abilene offers recycling centers. A quick click of the recycling link on the Amarillo Solid Waste site leads you absolutely nowhere.

There is an effort to try and bring bins here but its a slow roll out. Honestly it would save the city some hassle as bins force folks to have to deal with bulk items. Maybe the city could do a monthly collection? I know this works in other cities.

I don't want anything crazy, I just want a nicer place to call home. How about you?

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