So this is the tweet that started me on an adventure this evening... another chance to explore and discover great things about my new home town.

I knew the answer to her question, Ellie Holmes is a TV Journalist based in the Houston Market, and from my own personal experiences and having a sister in law who worked at the Waugh Street Whole Foods Location in Houston, I knew that you could drink and shop as that location had a wine and beer bar in the store and if you happen to visit a Whole Foods, its pretty standard fare. Highly recommend it. but that's only part of this story. and as a side note.. the folks at Whole Foods aren't paying me a dime and neither is the next business I'm mentioning.

That kinda got me wondering... if you could do such a thing here. and after doing a little research my results weren't too promising, I do know United Supermarkets happens to have a concept at one of its Lubbock locations, but that doesn't do me or any of you here in town much good. After a tip off from a co worker... and sister station personality Danny over at Kiss FM, I made my way over to Market 33.

Shannon Lewis
Shannon Lewis

Ah, Market 33.. The store sitting over on Western just south of I-27 gave me a great first impression walking in. The store had something near and dear to this Far West Texan's heart... a tortilla factory... and as I made my way along that wall with more wines and beers than I could take a look at... there it was.... in all it's glory...

The Tasting Room....

Now, being alone. the idea of drinking and driving home is not a responsible move. but I did manage to take a look at the menu and a return trip will be necessary, of course with someone who can help me drive. I did manage to browse the store which does have a great local feel and the prices certainly are very reasonable.

I know. I might be preaching to the crowd and some of you might just laugh because you knew this all along... but hey places like Market 33 are what makes Amarillo a great place to now call home. and for me... there's nothing like supporting a local business.

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