Oh April Fools' Day. Some people love playing fun little pranks on this day. So be prepared. Also know that some higher ups don't have a sense of humor. Yes I am talking about your boss.

This is a personal experience from years ago when I worked at another radio station. All morning my co-host. I will not reveal his name. Anyway he kept egging us on. He said "I know you guys are going to play a prank on me." To be honest me and our news director weren't going to.

We really thought pranks on this day were pretty lame. Oh, but he kept egging us live during our morning show. So we both talked and decided to do something. He kept asking. We didn't have much time to get it together. We decided to borrow a prank from The Office.

Oh and then the fun began after we put his phone in the ceiling. Every time we went into a break our news guy would call his phone. We would hear it ring on the air. At first he was going along with the prank. He tore apart our room looking for it. This went on for an hour or so.

You're in the Ceiling

Then he got mad. He was the perfect Andy Bernard that day. He didn't punch the wall. Though we were expecting that. He did end up walking out during the last half hour of the show. Yes, that too, was an over- reaction.

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He did have his wife call the request line saying that she and her daughter got in a car accident and she had been calling his cell phone the whole time. We didn't believe that one minute. I mean she never called the main business line trying to get ahold of him. When I asked why not she said that she didn't know the phone number.

Again we didn't buy that either because it's pretty unbelievable that someone worked somewhere for over twenty years and his wife doesn't know the main business line. We were correct.

The next day he came back in and tried to play all cool and act like he wasn't mad. He was. He just didn't have a sense of humor during the prank. Or at all really. The prank that he kept trying to egg us on to do. So on this day try to remember all bosses do not have a sense of humor. No matter how much they try to play it cool.

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