It is always fun when food holidays become National.  The first week in September is always National Waffle Week.  So what are some good ways to celebrate?  I have a few!

Nothing is better than a nice crisp, chewy waffle.  To celebrate this tasty holiday why not throw a waffle party!  You can set up a buffet with all kinds of different toppings.  Everything from fruit to pecans to chocolate chips.  The possibilities are endless.  Then, gather all your family for a delicious breakfast treat!

Another good way to celebrate is to have a different kind of waffle each day of the week.  One day you could have regular waffles with just syrup and butter.  The next day, you could have strawberries and cream waffles or banana nut.  And so on and so forth.

I think the best way to end a delicious week would be to celebrate with a waffle cone ice cream!  Whichever way you decide to celebrate is fine as long as you don't let this week of yummy goodness pass you by!

It is National Waffle Week, how are you going to celebrate?