When it comes to love in Amarillo, Texas, it is overwhelming.  The citizens of the Yellow City come together when our neighbors need a helping hand.  That's why when you hear stories of how one person helped another it brings out all the warm fuzzies.

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Amarillo has an organization that helps out our local veterans in a unique way.

Hope Lives Here

Hope Lives Here is a non-profit that provides service dogs for Veterans who are suffering from different traumas including post-traumatic stress, military sexual trauma, brain injuries, or chronic pain disorders.  These service dogs can help these Veterans live a better life.

Specialty-trained dogs can be quite expensive with costs ranging from $15,000 to $75,000, and these costs are typically out-of-pocket expenses. However, Hope Lives Here offers a solution by taking shelter dogs and training them to become service dogs. Moreover, the veterans receiving these service dogs are trained alongside the animals, which creates an even stronger bond between them.

Hope Lives Here operates like most non-profits, their money comes from grants and generous donations from the public and businesses.   The more donations a non-profit receives the more work it can do for the public.

Chauncy Hanke, the owner of Chauncy's Automotive in Amarillo, saw the need for Hope Lives Here and how they serve our Veterans and he chose to do something amazing for this organization.  One of the items that the organization needed and didn't have was a vehicle and Chauncy made that happen.

Chauncy's Automotive
Chauncy's Automotive

Chauncy recently donated a van to the organization

It's not the first time that Chauncy's Automotive and the Hanke family have extended help to an organization or a family in need. They have generously donated multiple vehicles to families who needed a reliable mode of transportation to ensure that their child or family member could make it to their doctor's appointments without any hassle.

If you know of a Veteran in need of a service dog, all the information on how to enroll can be found on the Hope Lives Here website.  If you like supporting Amarillo businesses that give back to our community.  Chauncy's Automotive is located at 2001 Paramount Blvd.

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