Pranks can be fun and pranks can be destructive, but have you ever had a prank pulled on you that just made you go, "Hmmmm?"

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I was scrolling through Facebook the other day when I came across a post, and at first, I giggled because it was one of those things, that you wonder who in the heck would do this to someone?

First of all, there are fun pranks, that are annoying but fun, like toilet papering someone's house (don't do it, it's a waste of TP, remember COVID and not having any?).  Or forking someone's yard which is less funny because when your Dad makes you go out and pull all the forks out of the front yard, including the tines that broke off in the ground.  It's not fun.   Egging cars is not cool and it is destructive.  I don't care how mad you are, throwing paint on a car is just plain criminal.

But, I have to wonder, is this the new trend?  Is this what the kids are doing these days?

Is it the new trend to CHEESE a car?

Yes, I said cheese a car.

Photo Courtesy: Pamela Harris
Photo Courtesy: Pamela Harris

I have so many questions.   The first question is:

Who in their right mind would waste cheese?

Now I get these are cheese slices, and some would debate that it is real cheese, but these little squares aren't exactly cheap and they make a mean grilled cheese sandwich.

Was some kid deconstructing their sandwich in the backseat of their parent's car and just flung their cheese out of the window?

They took the time to unwrap two slices of cheese and slap them on the car!

I can't help but wonder.  I mean it is kind of funny, in a "what in the world kind of way".

I'm not sure what kind of damage a slice of cheese could do to a car other than sweat oil when it got hot.  It is possible it could eat the paint away.

Everything about this points to TikTok

And that statement was correct.  Back in 2021, there was a TikTok challenge that went viral that had people driving around cheesing cars.

It looks like it has resurfaced in Amarillo.  Oh, Joy!!

At least it wasn't egg, paint, or shoe polish.  Cheese is a pretty tame way to go.

Either way, it's not a good idea to go around cheesing things.

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