I remember my very first Christmas as a single mom. I was quite nervous about how I was going to make this all work.

At this point I was working at Hastings as a Guest Service Manager. It was an exciting but scary time of my life. I had a new career and new responsibilities.

They were all on me now. Buying and assembling all the toys was really a scary thought for me.

I remember that Hasting's had a very awesome employee discount so as a single mom I took advantage of that.

I bought these two stuffed animals. One is a reindeer and one is a Christmas bear. It became my tradition that I left those two animals out on the kitchen table and when Santa came his job (among many) was to leave these two friends with Faith before he left.

Christmas Friends

Just hearing her screech with excitement on Christmas morning because Santa had come into her room was really so great.

I even split up the pair for many years and gave one to her dad for his house. She always knew that Santa stopped by to see her.

She may be 22 but I still have both of these friends at my house and they always make an appearance on Christmas Eve. Whether Faith is there or not that night, Santa always leaves them under the tree now for her.

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