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Just a 3 1/2 hour drive from Amarillo is a piece of history in Roswell, NM.  No, it's not an alien spaceship, it is an old missile silo from the cold war era.  If you have ever wanted to live underground or were curious about bunkers or missile silos used during the cold war, then this place is for you and you can stay here overnight, for the weekend, or longer.

This Airbnb is an old missile base and bunker property and it was used during the Cold War.  You'll get to stay underground and see what it took to operate this type of facility.  Travel down the stairs to the utility tunnel and see the history.  The upper level of the launch control center will be the place where you get to stay.  Not only do you get to stay in an old missile silo, but a guided tour of this facility is also included with your stay.

The missile silo is 186 ft deep.

The owners also live within the silo on the lower level of the launch control center.

If you're worried about receiving calls, don't worry, it comes with underground cell service and Wi-Fi is available.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  It's time to take it off your bucket list. The cost to stay in this very unique Airbnb is $395 per night.

If interested then you can book a stay here.

In the meantime, check out pictures of this amazing Airbnb.

Missile Silo Airbnb

This unique Airbnb is located near Roswell, NM.

Stay in the launch control center of this former missile silo. It has been converted into a nice apartment with a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. While you're there enjoy a private tour and learn all about the history of how this missile silo was used during the Cold War.

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