Everyone has seen firemen around town at different times collecting donations with their boots. This time, though, the firemen were fake and they were collecting money in Amarillo.

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The Fake Firemen In Amarillo That Were Taking "Donations"

The Amarillo Fire Marshal's Office posted an update to social media yesterday about two "firemen" that were collecting donations. The "firemen" were located at I-40 and Ross.

They were wearing Amarillo Fire Department t-shirts and even identifying themselves as members of the Amarillo Fire Department, according to the post on social media.

As you might have guessed, they were not with the Amarillo Fire Department.

Pretending To Be A Public Servant, Including Firefighters, Is A Big No-No

Funny thing about putting on a fire department t-shirt and pretending to be a fireman is that it is illegal. You can do it in your bathroom in front of a mirror, but not out in public while taking "donations."

What happens to you when you decide to convince the public you're a public servant, when you're not? You get arrested.

As creative as you may think the grift is, it's a pretty simple way to end up on the wrong side of a cell...if you catch my meaning.

If Something Doesn't Feel Quite Right About A Situation, Go With Your Gut

Looking at these two fine specimens, we can see that they don't fit the typical aesthetic of a firefighter, outside of the t-shirt.

Another point that was made, is that usually there will be a firetruck nearby or some piece of equipment. Rarely do you just come across stray firefighters wanting your money.

Yet another point one could make, is that there is usually some kind of news that the firefighters will be out taking donations. Rarely does it ever "just happen" out of the blue.

This has got to be one of the more poorly thought through cons I've ever seen.

A big thank you goes out to the Amarillo Fire Department for all of the work that the real firefighters do. You guys are heroes.

These two? Not so much.

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