I got into a good argument with a buddy of mine earlier today about--of all things--getting drunk in public. I remember there was a city in Texas where you can't do that without permission (it's Galveston by the way) but it got me wondering what else is still against the law in Texas. And by the way, there's a few fakes here I'll clear up for you.

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Texas Banned The Encyclopedia Because of Beer Recipe

There's been a lot of talk of a ban on owning a set of Encyclopedia Britannica in the Lone Star State due to a recipe for home brewed beer. Hang on, now! Before you get your feathers ruffled....it's actually a myth. If you visit any library in Texas, you should have no problem finding the giant set of reference books, and guess what? There's no home brew recipe in there (I looked). The good folks at Britannica even shined some light on the story.

In Lefors, You Can Only Have Three Sips Of Beer

No matter how you scored your brew, you better watch what you do in Lefors, Texas. You don't wanna get caught taking more than three sips standing up, that one will land you in the Big House. I think Hank Hill and company might have an issue with that.

Dusting In Public Is Strictly Forbidden In Clarendon, Texas


Our friend here is smiling because he's cleaning with a towel. He knows that if he were cleaning with a duster in a public building in Clarendon, he'd find himself in a world of trouble.

Please Plan Your Robberies in Advance

Here's a good one! If you plan on robbing someone in the State of Texas, you're required to give your victim 24-hours advance notice. Not only is it common courtesy, it's the law! (or better yet, don't even rob at all)

RS29289_robber KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Thinkstock

Shooting Buffaloes Out Of A Window Soon? Skip The Second Floor

We don't take kindly to folks shootin' buffaloes out of a second story window here in Texas. In fact, it's against the law. Yes...there is a law. But there's no ruling on first or third floors, though. Avoid the second floor and you're in the clear on this one. Then again, shooting from a building generally doesn't often go over well in any situation.

Buffalo close up in the wild on a background of stormy sky

Third Time Is The Charm

This one is a trusty legal loophole. In Texas, if you introduce someone as your wife three times in a public setting, guess what?! You're married!

Now, if you ever found yourself in the situation where you needed someone on your arm to act as your wife or husband... avoid referring to them as your spouse. You might just find yourself common-law hitched in the eyes of Texas.


Speaking of Marital Affairs, Don't Covet Thy Neighbors Cow.

Well, not that you would anyway... but it's certainly illegal to milk your neighbors cow here in the Lone Star state.

Black and white calf at green field

No Limburger Cheese on Sunday

Ok so, if you break the cow law... don't sell any limburger cheese you make in the Houston area on Sunday. But... it's legal any other day of the week, at least!

They might sound strange but we all know if they're on the books, Someone was special enough to give reason to put them there.

Speaking of weird... Here's a few exotic animals that are perfectly legal in Texas:

Here's Some Of The Exotic Animals You Can Own In Texas

Shockingly, Texans can legally own these exotic animals--provided you've filled out the massive amounts of paperwork required.


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