One of my favorite places to take both my boys is the Don Harrington Discovery center. At ages 4 and 7 basically everything on display captures their imagination and it's never a dull moment as they enjoy all that the center has to offer. When I can save money getting in? That just makes me want to do my happy dance. This Friday a lot of parents like myself can do just that. If you never been? Now's a good time to check out this amazing place

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DHDC is bringing back its Discover for a Dollar day Friday the 13th from 5 to 8pm. I'm not really one of those folks who believes in luck but again my wallet believes in savings. They aren't skimping out or cutting down. You get all the same great exhibits plus critter encounters, live science demonstrations and space theatre shows for just a buck. yeah... that's right. one dollar.

There's a Hank The Cowdog reading too

Hank the Cowdog Author, John Erickson will also be onsite to do readings from the book series for children of all ages too in partnership with the folks over at the National  Ranching Heritage Center at Texas Tech. There will even be a free book for the first 50 kids in each timeslot.

So what's the catch?

A statue of a T-Rex at the Don Harrington Discovery Center
Michael J. Rivera, Townsquare Media

The catch is you gotta get those wristbands early, starting today because space is limited. Masks aren't required but suggested. To get your hands on tickets you can visit their website here, give them a call 355-9547 or stop by in person.

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