It's obvious Amarillo is growing when businesses start popping up all over town.  Especially those businesses that save customers money.

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Arden Road between Bell and Coulter has been growing slowly over the years, and now it is really starting to expand.   Walmart Neighborhood Market built a store on the corner of Arden Road and Coulter, and it has been a big plus for that area for the last few years.

Now the residents of Estacado and Westover, some from Windsor and Coulter acres will now have a place to enjoy some discount shopping.

Dollar Tree is building a new store at Coulter and Arden Rd

Google Maps
Google Maps

The exact location is 7200 Arden Road.  The store will be located right across the street from Walmart Neighborhood Market and located behind the Pinnacle Community Church.

Amarillo currently has 8 different Dollar Tree stores all over the city.

  • 45th and Bell
  • 34th and Georgia
  • Soncy Road - between Old Navy and Kohl's
  • Amarillo Blvd and Tascosa Road
  • SE 10th
  • I-40 and Grand
  • 58th and Georgia
  • Martin Road

According to paperwork filed with state agencies, the project start date will be is September 2023 with a competition date of January 2024.

Dollar Tree was best known for having everything in the store you could possibly need for just $1.  But due to rising prices and costs, items are now $1.25 and some items are even being sold for $3 and $5.

Dollar Tree is a perfect place when you are wanting to save some money.  It's the perfect place to grab holiday items, health, and beauty items, and cleaning items, and their candy aisle has some amazing throwback candies.  Not to mention if you are crafty, it's the perfect place to find items to make amazing crafts.

This will be the perfect addition to the neighborhood, especially if they decide to expand Arden Road to Soncy.

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