The area between Amarillo and Canyon, Texas is growing quickly.

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The road where this growth is taking place is called Soncy Rd, VFW Road, FM 2590.  Back in the day when you used to drive this road, it was nothing but farmland and the occasional farmhouse.  Now it is full of businesses and housing developments.

For the longest time, Pak-A-Sak was the only convenience store in a sea of flat land and it served the area well, and still does.  Now, Toot n Totum has built a store across from Pak-A-Sak (imagine that), a bank is also in the area, and a lot of office space.

The one thing the area is lacking is restaurants.  Grandma's Burritos moved into the area earlier this year, and occasionally a food truck will set up their trailer in the area.   Heck, there was talk of a food truck park being built in that area at one point. 

A new restaurant is being built on the northwest side of FM 2219.

James Fleming
James Fleming

What will become of this new building?  What kind of restaurant?   Right now, we don't know.

This new restaurant looks to be owned by the same people who own Uncle Jimmy's Food Truck.

We reached out to the owners for more information and to possibly find out if they decided on a name for the new restaurant, but have yet to receive a response.

However, those living in the area can expect some amazing food nearby.  At least with this new restaurant in the area, you won't have to drive into Amarillo or Canyon when you don't want to cook.

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