There is a new up-and-coming neighborhood between Amarillo and Canyon, and it needs food!

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The area is VFW Road and 2219.  Four Corners is the area that includes the housing developments, Strawberry Fields, Wildflower, and Las Casas Subdivisions are fairly new, and more homes are being built each day in the area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The area has seen huge growth.  However, with new growth comes needs like food.  There's a Pak-A-Sak and Toot 'n Totum on the corner and a future Grandma's Burritos on VFW Road north of FM 2219.  You can zoom east on FM 2219 to get to the Cefco with the Sonic off I-27.  Other than, that there aren't any more restaurants or places to get food unless you drive to Amarillo or Canyon.

There is a Facebook page called Amarillo Food Trucks and on the page, a post was made asking for Food Trucks to lease space at 14390 FM 2590 (VFW Road).  It is a vacant area north of the RockOne Building.

Brazz Vanover and his wife are the owners of RockOne Realty and they have the land next door to their office, and they want to do something fun with the area that will benefit those that live in the area.

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

The dream is to have a food truck park.

In talking about the area, he mentioned Shark Beach Burgers (formerly Land Sharks), and how they built their business to be a fun place to eat and enjoy live music for those who live near FM 1151.

It's just a very happening cool little place. And so for me, that's kind of what I would like to see happen out there just kind of something for the community to do. It's live music, a place to hang out, and just a cool vibe.  I think it could be a win-win for the community and for us in the future.

This dream could be a reality for the Four Corners area.

The cost for food trucks to set up in the area is:
$50 per day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
$40 per day if booked for the week
$35 per day if booked a month

This would be a huge plus for those that live and work in the area.  Plus, as large as this neighborhood is, it will be fruitful for the food trucks.

Everyone loves a good food truck and our area is full of amazing trucks with amazing cuisine.   This would be a win-win situation for all of those in the Four Corners Area.

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