The Amarillo Tri-State Fair is something people in the Texas Panhandle look forward to each year.

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In fact, families will save up and spend an entire paycheck to come to the fair to enjoy, the food, the fun, and the rides.  That or they just spend that much money trying to win a goldfish.

Amarillo Tri-State Fair
Amarillo Tri-State Fair

One of the fun things about the Amarillo Tri-State Fair is the side shows they have available.  I've seen dolphins, sea lions, a chainsaw artist, a ventriloquist (I'm looking at you Terry Fator), and more at the fair over the years.

This year at the fair, they have some interesting shows.

Jet Pack Flying Water Circus

Jetpack Flying Water Circus from Capitol International Production on Vimeo.

This show takes a jet pack and stunt person and thrusts them nearly 50 feet in the air. While in the air flying on the jet pack, this stunt person will perform some amazing turns, twists, flips, and some amazing daredevil stunts. You don't want to miss seeing this show.

Click Here for schedule.

Puppy Pals

This is a great show full of amazing stunts, watch these loveable furry friends as they climb ladders, jump ropes, and backflips!  It's a great show perfect for the entire family.

Click Here for the schedule.

Swifty Swine Pig Races

We live in an area where there is a ton of livestock, but in this show, you get to see pigs in a different way.  You'll see them vying for the racing title.  Oh, who am I kidding they are vying for the Oreo cookie they get at the end of the race.  Come watch those little legs move as fast as they can.

Click Here for the schedule.

Jerry Harris Master Hypnotist

The Amarillo Tri-State Fair has hosted a hypnotist before and the crowd loves it. In minutes Jerry Harris will have a group of audience members under hypnosis and it is a sight to see.  You'll definitely want to put this on your list of things to see at the fair this year.

Click here for the schedule.

The Amarillo Tri-State Fair kicks off on Friday, September 16th.  Don't miss all the fun, food, rides, and shows!!!

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