Every year it seems we have the same battle. We get to make our menu for Thanksgiving. We go to the store with a list. We have the best of intentions.

Thanksgiving is a big deal. We get together with family and friends. There shouldn't be a lot of pressure but I feel there always is for it to be perfect.

So what happens? You get home. You start preparing. Luckily you probably start the day before. That is not the time that you want to realize you forgot something important that is supposed to be on your kitchen table.

What Item Do You Usually Forget?

I am guilty of this every year. It is usually something little. Oh, but something I really need. I usually forget the sour cream. I use that to help make my mashed potatoes creamy. I also use it in our spinach dip my daughter needs every year.

One Thanksgiving I was out of butter. Oh and you know you don't really want to run to United or Walmart on the day before Thanksgiving. I mean not if you don't have to.

I Still Forgot Something I Need for My Thanksgiving Dinner

Even with a list. I went against my own warnings here. I, while writing this, realized I forgot something really important. So against what I was hoping my week would be like this week. I will have to go back to the store. I forgot to get whipped cream for my pies. I can not have pumpkin pie without whipped cream. I just can't

The List You Need Before You Go To The Store

Make your list and check it twice. Seriously.

Thanksgiving Must Haves

You get to the store with your shopping list. You get home to cook and you forget one of these items. Don't let this happen to you this Thanksgiving.

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