If you need a great way for the kids to celebrate New Year's Eve without having to stay up past midnight, then the Discovery Center is the way to go.

We all know how much energy our little ones have and we think they can make it to midnight on New Year's Eve.  We've bought the sparkling cider, and the party hats and horns, but next thing, the kids are out like a light on the couch.

Stop worrying about the kids falling asleep because the Don Harrington Discovery Center knows how to celebrate the New Year in style.  Let's the kids Ring in the New Year at the DHDC.

The kids can enjoy their very own party.  They kick off the fun with science demonstrations every two hours.   Not only are they celebrating the New Year, but they are learning at the same time.  It's a win/win.

The event is open from 9:30am-4:30pm and it gives you a chance to bring the kids out at your convenience. Experiments and demos will be 10:45am, 12:45pm, and 2:45pm.

Cost is regular admission into the Discovery Center.

Adults: $14
Children Under 1: FREE
Children 2-17: $9
Military: $11
Seniors: $11
Students: $11
Members get in free

Not only will the kids get to enjoy all the great science experiments, they will enjoy all the different exhibits.  Don't miss out on their temporary exhibits called Toys! The Inside Story.  Not only that, but the Maker Metropolis where you learn all about construction. Don't forget to visit the Outdoor Science Park.  You might need to bundle up for this one.

Head to the Discovery Center to celebrate with the kids and then get a baby sitter and celebrate your New Year's Eve with your sweetheart or friends.

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