Donuts are part of the basis of life.  Those sweet rounds of dough are covered in icing or cinnamon and sugar.

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They make life worth living.   It's really easy to understand why Homer Simpson drools over do-nuts!

Amarillo is filled with a lot of great places to get these sweet pastries in every shape and form.   You can find a place to get donuts near every corner in Amarillo, except for River Road.  River Road doesn't seem to have a dedicated donut shop.  You can go into United or one of the convenience stores and grab a donut, but no dedicated donut shop.

River Road is without the deliciousness of donuts.   However recently they have been teased about donuts coming into the area.


The old Mr. Burger building at 3510 River Road has had a Donuts Coming Soon banner hanging from it for a few months.

So are the donuts coming?  YES!

Got Donuts? is opening at the location in River Road.  Soon everyone in the River Road area will have access to some of the best donuts in Amarillo.

Got Donuts?
Got Donuts?

Just look at that building glow-up!

The tentative opening date for Got Donuts? - River Road will be on January 1, 2024.

The new year will be bringing donuts.

Donuts aren't the only thing you can get at Got Donuts?  They have some pretty tasty kolaches and other items as well for the perfect breakfast or brunch.

Get ready River Road, donuts are coming your way.  You won't have to drive across town to get your donut fix.  You just have to be patient for just a few more months.

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