**UPDATE** Negotiations have been made and the two entities have peacefully resolved the matter of the missing dumpster


You know the old saying you don't know what you've got until it's gone.  Well, a local business is feeling the loss of something very needed.

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This is something we usually take for granted because we have one within 100 feet of our houses.

A dumpster.

Melissa Bartlett/TSM
Melissa Bartlett/TSM

We get some interesting messages on our social media pages and this one just happened to catch my eye the other day.  We received a message from a Jiffy Lube employee the other day saying that the City of Amarillo took their dumpster and hasn't brought it back yet.

They took our dumpster 2 months ago and haven't returned it. We're having to share a dumpster with Sonic. And it gets full too fast. I work at the one on 34th St. Please help us get our dumpster back at Jiffy Lube.

I can only imagine, with food trash going into that dumpster and mechanic trash going into one dumpster, I'm sure there is spillage.  By mechanic trash, I mean empty containers, boxes, etc.  They have a special disposal for oil that isn't a dumpster.

Like Moses said LET MY PEOPLE GO. Jiffy Lube says BRING MY DUMPSTER HOME

Google Maps/TSM Amarillo
Google Maps/TSM Amarillo

It seems that dumpsters are a touchy subject in Amarillo.  Either it's because the city isn't dumping them enough.  Others are they took away the dumpsters and replaced them with carts. Another is they completely took my dumpster and didn't bring it back.

When they take away a dumpster where does it go?  Do they just take it and wait til they can find another one to put back or does it go away forever? Do they get recycled?  Do they just become scrap metal?

Back in 2021, Facebook user William Kearns has an issue where the City of Amarillo took his dumpster.  "They removed the dumpster behind my house because the bottom was rotting out, it was supposed to be replaced in 2-6 weeks, 10 months later we still do not have a dumpster. Even worse, they removed a 2nd dumpster on our block. We had 5 dumpsters, now we have 3 for 20 homes. "  The city eventually corrected the problem, almost a year later.

Back in 2018, the city bought 400 new dumpsters, but Amarillo has over 22,000 dumpsters.   However, it is 5 years later.  Luckily, trash pick up is back to 2 times per week, however, that doesn't account for the dumpsters that have gone missing.

Let's help them get their dumpster back.  

The city has the numbers posted for help when it comes to solid waste and dumpsters and that is  806-378-6813.  The squeaky dumpster gets the grease, right?

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