I've been called weird for most of my life. A lot of it stems from my curiosity. The stranger something sounds, the more I want to know about it and experience it.

With that in mind, imagine my excitement at finding out that this weekend there's going to be hypnotherapy classes in Amarillo. For $20 a pop, you and I can get help with weight loss, anxiety, depression, and confidence.

All, supposedly, through the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a bit controversial. Some fundamental religious groups think it's evil. Skeptics argue it's all a ruse.

Me? I'm willing to try anything once to see what happens.

The Wellness Institute claims that there is actual evidence that hypnotherapy can be useful. They point to peer reviewed studies that claim there is some benefit to using hypnotherapy.

Advocates of hypnotherapy are quick to point out that a person's mind can't be taken over by hypnosis. In fact, they say you remain in complete control; which makes me question some stuff I saw at an after prom party one time.

The event this weekend has classes that are an hour long each. They start Friday morning, and the event will wrap up on Saturday. They did say that classes are limited in size to maintain social distancing.

I've never tried hypnotherapy, but I've always been interested. Sure, I'm a skeptic when it comes to these types of things; but who isn't? The first time you try anything you have your doubts and questions.

Getting to confront those doubts, and maybe get those questions answered for twenty bucks might not be a bad deal.

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