If you know someone in college or someone heading that way today could be their day. Heck, maybe it's you. Why don't you do something to help with the costs associated with higher learning. How does $2,000 sound?

Tomorrow and only tomorrow you can get by Coffee Memorial Blood Center and help make that a reality. The annual B Fly Blood Drive will be going on from 9 am until 7 pm. This drive is in memory of Brittnay Fly-Sims. This was a promise that her husband Arron made to her.

This blood drive is to help keep her memory alive. It's also a great chance for three people to win one of three $2,000 scholarships for college. Who couldn't use that help?

All you have to do is donate blood. So it is a win-win situation. Coffee Memorial is still in great need of blood and you can help them out too. When you donate you can sign someone up to win one of the three scholarships.

So if you are heading to college or in college maybe talk to your friends and family. Get them to take an hour out of their busy day to give the gift of life and maybe help you get help to pay for your upcoming semester in college. That would be a great feeling for everyone. It feels great to help out Coffee Memorial. It will feel great to honor the memory of Brittnay Fly-Sims. It will also be great to have $2,000 to help you with the cost of college.

credit: Coffee Memorial Blood Center
credit: Coffee Memorial Blood Center

You will also get breakfast from Torchy's Tacos, A Rise Up & Give T shirt, coupon for a free tea from Water Still, and a complimentary one-hour VIP JUMP pass to AMPD. *While supplies last.

So make sure you put this on your calendar and plan to give an hour tomorrow for so many great reasons.


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