Grocery shopping isn't the most fun of activities.  It's one of those things that you have to do if you don't do grocery pickup. However, manners are a must when grocery shopping.

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My family and I were doing some grocery shopping over the weekend.  We were at Sam's Club picking up some of the bigger items, such as paper towels, toilet paper, and laundry detergent.  Those items are cheaper to buy in bulk.

However, while we are there we tend to pick up some produce products because they have some really great deals.

After this weekend, I may never shop in the produce aisle ever again.

We were looking at the grapes and they had the Cotton Candy grapes.  They are grapes that taste like cotton candy.  I look up from my side of the refrigerator bin and across from us, a woman is looking at the regular grapes. She started opening up the packages and pulling grapes off the bunch and eating them.  Just like it is a normal thing.  My fella asked me if the grapes we were looking at it really tasted like cotton candy, and that's when it happened.  It went straight from my brain, past my filter, and right out my mouth.

I don't know, but why don't you just open the package and eat a few?  Apparently, it's the thing to do, see, and pointed at the lady

Now here's where you picture shock emojis popping up around my fella.  He just put the grapes in the cart and walked off.

Yes, that was rude of me to do, but I was just so shocked that, again, my filter completely shut down, and out the words flew.

Keep in mind that these grapes are in a clam shell container and she's popping it open and pulling the grapes right off the bunch and just popping them in her mouth. Touching her lips and possibly her tongue.  Who knows where those hands have been?  It wasn't just one package, it was multiple packages.

Seriously!  If Sam's Club wanted to have their grapes sampled they would have a tiny cart set up next to the grapes with 2 or 3 grapes in a 1 oz cup for people to sample.  But that is not what was happening here.

I understand that she was probably just making sure the grapes weren't sour, but I'm sure the people that bought the package after she handled it, wouldn't want to know that some woman was eating their future grapes.  And, it's stealing.  If she was just hungry, Sam's Club has food samples booths about every other aisle.

You wouldn't just bite into an apple, or cut open the net to try a Cutie, take a carrot from the bunch, and just start munching.  Why would you do that with grapes?   Maybe she just does this with packages of small fruits that come in individual pieces. I feel bad for the cherry tomatoes.

The produce aisle is not your personal snack bar.

Here's another reason why you always wash your produce when you get it home.

Let's just say those Cotton Candy Grapes got washed and washed again before we ate them.

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