Last year, news reports came out around this time stating that portions of the abandoned St. Anthony's building would be turned into North Heights Senior Living Complex. However, renovations have yet to begin, and the giant historic hospital remains empty--a stark monolith that sits along the boulevard. In a special turn of events, local artist and photographer, Ian Watson was recently granted access to the abandoned building and he has taken some amazing photos of what the old hospital now looks like inside.

Right off the bat, you are struck by the beautiful architecture that still makes St. Anthony's a landmark in the city. That beauty is contrasted by the boarded up and busted windows, and graffiti.

Debris and trash litter the ground. Weeds have grown through the pavement.

The incredible part about this gallery is the level of access Ian was given to the building. Once inside, it almost looks like the set of an apocalyptic horror movie.

In one hallway, ceiling tiles have fallen exposing old wiring. At the bottom of the staircase is a phone station with the payphone missing.

Books and papers are left laying in office areas, scattered across the room. Wiring hangs from the ceiling.

Oddly enough, the skylight seems to be intact, for the most part, judging from the photo. One of my favorite photos is of a long hallway with a tiled floor where nothing seems to have been affected as much as the rest of the building.

At one point, a makeshift bed is found with a sign laying on it that reads, "Homeless....Hungry" from what is able to be seen in the photo.

While the photos are very impressive, it is also very sad to see the shape that the building is in. Hopefully soon we hear more on the project to renovate portions of the building. It's a shame to see it go to waste.

A Look Inside the Abandoned St. Anthony's Hospital in Amarillo, Texas

The old St. Anthony's hospital in Amarillo, Texas has sat abandoned--but not forgotten--since the early 2000s. The 100-year-old structure still cuts an imposing and impressive figure against the Amarillo skyline. The building serves as a cornerstone memory for many Amarillo natives--the place where life begun (or came to an end).

But for decades, the old St. Anthony's hospital has remained under careful surveillance, and not many know what now lies within. In July 2021, local artist and photographer, Ian Watson, was granted full access to the abandoned hospital--his photos offer an intimate and stark look at the legendary landmark of St. Anthony's as it stands now.

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