UPDATE: According to another anonymous source, Fired Up Holdings is no longer affiliated with Ruby Tequila's. Fired Up said they are in legal dispute and once it's settled they will mail employee paychecks.

Previous employees are worried because they don't have a source of income for their families.

We reported earlier today that Ruby Tequila's was closed after rumors spread on social media and through local news reports.

We got the inside scoop from a local source and they let us know the story. Basically, what happened was Ruby Tequila's was owned by a corporation called CGM. Later, the restaurant was sold to a firm in Lubbock called Fired Up Holding Company Inc.

Fired Up Holding gave up the restaurant after running into financial troubles. The anonymous source said, "There were days where we ran out of items for the customers, like chips and salsa."

"Really what CGM did was repo us, they are working to get the restaurant back up in order and open to the public." The employees have run into an issue though, apparently, the Fired Up company is withholding their paychecks. Some of the current employees are looking into driving to Lubbock and protesting the office to get their pay.

Ruby Tequila's hope to be back up and running by Monday, July 24th. But it could be delayed depending on how much has to be cleaned up and put back in order.

We will try to update the story as it unfolds.

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